Why big_detecthink_logo2 works

DetecThink is the unique intersection of immersive storytelling, active multi-disciplinary learning and the psychology of play. This is the magic of DetecThink.

Research results: DetecThink Kids practice as much math as they do on ‘worksheet apps’ but LOVE DetecThink like a game!

Research shows that DetecThink kids solve at least 30 math questions in each sitting – as much as a session of ‘worksheet-type’ math apps.

But they absolutely LOVE DetecThink. 8 out of 10 kids enjoyed it as much as their favorite entertainment game! And they keep asking for more!

Educational Maths App for Kids


For kids, DetecThink is PLAY!

Children meet funny, lovable characters and use the coolest gadgets to unravel the detective mystery. Help Prince Colin recover the missing royal crown and rescue Princess Althea in this storybook experience.


For parents, DetecThink is LEARNING!

DetecThink is a new approach to educational games for kids that blends cleverly integrated maths problems with the fun of an adventure game. Children will practice addition, subtraction and other basic functions, and the difficulty perfectly matches your child’s ability. They’ll enjoy the DetecThink mystery all the while solving as many maths problems as they would on a traditional worksheet. They’ll also practice their reading, helped along by an engaging story.